farm journal: friday, june 20, week 12 

morning 6:30-noon

  • sharpened harvest knife, began filling wash tubs while r & e finished making up the day’s harvest list (basically, market + distribution needs - current contents of cooler). harvested arugula, salad mix, fennel, bunched beets, and salad turnips. others harvested baby red kale, bunched radishes, bunched swiss chard, head lettuce, chinese cabbage, bunched kale, baby bok choy, etc. helped g wash and pack. 
  • lessons learned: 1. always check to make sure greens spinners have been emptied (left them with salad mix yesterday, now trash) 2. harvest lettuce early in the morning before it gets hot and starts to wilt 3. do not lay beets out in sun ahead of time while bunching.
  • picked up payday pizza. t brought flying saucers from carvel. farmer next door cutting hay, sitting cross-legged on her tractor. 

afternoon 1:30-4:15 

  • harvested the last 6 or so flats of strawberries to complete the 15 
  • harvested summer squash (zucchini, yellow squash, patty pans). drove down bed while j threw out 5 gallon harvest buckets every few feet. arms scratched from squash plants. should do some backbends to even out all the bending over. 
  • p, t, & s finished pounding in fence posts for pick-your-own tomato trellises. 
  • began twining pyo tomatoes, one string on each side to hold them in and upright. important to not put first twine too high - a strong wind could blow the plants right under the two twines, in which case you need to cut the twine and start all over again. will need to finish tomorrow and then add a second level of twine early next week.
  • helped g finish packing squash into cooler 3 - cover with big wet burlap and then a tarp, summer squash very sensitive to moisture loss.  

farm journal: thursday, june 19, week 12

morning: 6:30-noon

  • sharpened harvest knife, put on rain pants. helped load truck for market.
  • harvested arugula in rain. tedious - 20% of leaves had browned tips, lots of weeds, hard to put out weeds from cut greens because everything wet from rain. rain was not in forecast. 
  • worked the wash station: washed & packed arugula, baby red kale, tatsoi, salad mix, baby bok choy, radishes, salad turnips, raddiccio, scallions
  • fed chickens, corralled one turkey back into the pen. the 6th hen that was missing last week seems to have returned. 
  • emptied compost in the bucket of the 574 tractor (need to go close gate!) & compost from wash area. reshaped tail end of most recent compost pile - horse manure was in roadway
  • watered & vented high tunnels & greenhouses for amanda who was at market 
  • began staking pick-your-own tomatoes. elliott drove case tractor down bed slowly, gillian and i pulled wooden stakes off the back and slammed them into the ground every 2 tomato plants, being careful not to puncture drip tape. paul & tom pounded stakes in.  

afternoon: 1-4

  • set up for distribution: swept barn, organized signs, table, scale, clipboards, produce bags 
  • packed small wholesale order 
  • pulled out crates 20 minutes before, kept wet burlaps on to keep produce fresh in heat 
  • stalebedded/incorporated fertilizer into beds in section 3 (for corn transplants), section 6, section 7, and sections 2C and 2W. will need to be hoed later 
  • returned to barn to help restock, clean and check shareholders in during distribution. 
  • helped unload produce from truck returning from market, created checklist of crates to keep track of what was distributed.